The Best iPad Keyboard Cases

iPad Keyboard by YEKEBEE

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "yekbee ipad keyboard case"We chose YEKBEE iPad keyboard first for people who wants sturdy and light wireless keyboard with awesome functions, our pick is the best option for you, it is affordable, easy to set up and high built quality.

This case has a beautiful color, includes a fully backlit keyboard, and has an independent brightness function to dim or brighten the keys which is awesome and very helpful, the keyboard is easy to type and quiet, the material of the cover looks great and the case will protect your iPad very well, the little plastic covering make it so easy to type,  flexibility to turn the screen in any direction when you want to share something “360 flip”which is very comfortable to use, and also the bluetooth syncing is smooth and pretty fast

it will turn you iPad into a mini laptop. Overall great product with such a reasonable price, you will definitely don’t regret the purchase.




ZAGG – Rugged Messenger

Image associée

Our second pick, for people who want to spend little more for more protection, and greater flexibility, or who prefer a little bit more heavier and bulkier keyboard with comfortable keys, this is the best option for them, it is easy to remove the iPad from the keyboard and easy to apply, very solid and will prevent any damage, you will really enjoy the multiple backlight color options, they are not too bright, so they will not put strain on your eyes, also you can remove the tablet from the keyboard and you will still have the protection of the case.

This keyboard takes 2-3 seconds for Bluetooth to reconnect to the pad, very responsive, it’s quite reasonable to carry around, and convenient having the pencil holder as well, it is very well made and high quality, everything about it shouts quality.

You will make worthy purchase for a durable keyboard.




Logitech K380

The next alternative is logitech K380, for everyone looking for budget pick with great features. This keyboard has a bunch of features, one of them and the best one is the units ability to pair with up to three bluetooth devices at the same time, with any easy switch between devices using the F1-F3 keys.

The set-up and pairing was easy and quick, pairing and and following the instructions on the slip sheet take only a 3 seconds when making the switch, and to pair it with our tablet. It feels solid, sturdy, high build quality, and we appreciate the compact size, and it is not too heavy.

The feel of the keys, the tactile response, even the audible experience are all very satisfying, and perfectly comfortable. The keys are circular which actually feels different from typing on any other keyboard with square keys, and when typing the keys are fairly quiet and have a nice feel to the key press, you can type on it just as well as a normal full size keyboard.

This is great and affordable keyboard, with great features, we highly recommend it.

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