The Best Monitor

LG Electronics 27UD68P-B 

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LG 27UD68P-B is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable 4k monitor multitasking creative program with high quality.

Our pick is sturdy, the setting menu has lots of options, easy-to-navigate in, the control is unique, intuitive and easy, and the response is exceptional.

The monitor pivots, the stands are easily adjustable, It has 3 ways position stand, on height and tilt and vertically adjustable. The color calibration out of the box are amazing, the picture is goergous, clear and bright, with great image quality for a matte screen.

It has accurate display, thin bezels, the best split screen functions, and the perfect size as 4K monitor. You can use it for  gaming, school, and work, while protecting your eyes and view in comfort without any issue, generally with this monitor you will have more spacious work area.

The only thing which can be issue for some of you that it doesn’t have is built-in speakers, and  It doesn’t have a USB hub built in.

If you are looking  for reasonably priced 4K monitor with great feature go with this one. you will get a GREAT crystal clear picture as expected.

Overall this 4K monitor worth the purchase.





Dell U2415 monitor

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The second option for people who want cheap non 4K monitor with small screen        24-inch (1920×1200), this monitor has an extremely thin bezel, colors are trustworthy, the stand is also pretty solid, with lots of degree of movement.

 The image is crisp and clear, the extra-thin bezel is fantastic for anyone looking for 2 or 3-monitor setups, the stand is stable and high quality. The display can go up and down, even rotate 90 degrees, works very smoothly and helps avoid neck pain. The quality of the IPS panel will allow you to work for hours at a time with no eye strain or fatigue.

The default brightness is high, you can reduce the screen brightness from 75% to 70% , you can also adjust every setting, brightness, contrast and more manually.

 It comes with a mini display cord, and plenty of ports for all kinds of connections many simultaneously so you do not have to buy a separate cable, and the USB ports at the back which is bonus. The physical design of this monitor is, for all intents and purposes, perfect.

Great product with great price!






 If you’re looking for a great budget 1920×1080 monitor with great quality look no further, our third pick ASUS VS239H-P is a near perfect match in terms of color, pixel density, resolution and size with very affordable price.

It comes with Stand Monitor Power cable DVI cable VGA cable, ASUS VIP Member Notice and Quick Start Guide. It is truly impressive monitor with outstanding color, picture and resolution, It has the best display and the best set of options for input and output ports.

The monitor has control buttons, and you have whatever graphics properties controls that you have in your operating system, the factory settings are pretty good, the response time is great, the screen itself isn’t reflective at all, no glare or lighting issues with it.

It has good color accuracy for photo and video editing as well as good response time for gaming, it has the best image quality you can expect out of a 1080p IPS panel, and the space to work with for productivity is awesome.

 The bezel is a little bit thicker, and the built in stands is that side by side they vary enough to notice.

But if you couldn’t afford a 4k monitor of this spec, go with this, you will be glad with the purchase. Overall, amazing monitor out there with perfect standard quality.


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