The Best Drawing Tablet under $100

Wacom Intuos drawing tablet

we chose first Wacom Intuos, it is really great choice for beginner who want to learn how to do digital drawing, or digital artists looking for a reliable graphics tablet that will last for years,

This tablet is good quality, does not feel cheap at all, you can use it in any software for digital art, photo-editing and animation, it is the most compatible, customizable, and precise graphics tablet beginners can get for less than $100.

The 4k pressure-sensitive pen gives you advanced pen performance and realistic pen-on-paper feel, it has easy config and easy menu navigation, you get the software for free with it which is great but you don’t have to install any driver, it worked immediately after plugging it. It is so easy to use and  very responsive, and touch sensitivity is right on point.

Its pretty small but it works out for the majority, its small size is perfect for portability, also it is very light and the tablet internal battery lasts for a few days.

create artwork anywhere

Huion H610 Pro 

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The second alternative is Huion H610 pro, it is very easy to use, even for a newbie, we liked how easy it was to set up and begin using this tablet,

This is high-quality tablet with good price, the size of the screen was much larger than we expected and the sensitivity of the pen was amazing, the pressure sensitivity has been accurate in everything we have tried, every control is intuitive. The pen charges fast and comes with 8 replacement nibs, the partial glove, that comes with it really does help your hand slide when drawing lines demand you to move your hand, and it comes also with carrying bag which is great bonus.

This tablet includes photoshop, and works well with Adobe creative cloud, but we noticed that the drivers didn’t install automatically so you have to search around google for a bit and find the proper drivers,  and also the location of the buttons on the pen could cause accidental misclicks though, but we like that the tablet has physical buttons to program, as well as digital buttons.

It is affordable, but pricey enough to be good quality.

HUION 1060 Plus

Our next suggestion is HUION 1060 PLUS, this tablet is very solid and durable with affordable price.

The drawing surface is soo big, and very comfortable to draw on, it has a good matte finish that feels very similar to a Wacom product, the touch pad actually takes up the entire pad, making your work space even greater, the Pen fits perfectly in majority hands, it is really light, it has two programmable buttons on one side make it very very simple to use it.

The hot keys on the side are great, pen preasure is wonderfull and the interface is gently on the hands, the buttons on the side are helpful, as well as the buttons on the pen, the clickable-keys on the left side and touch-keys on top are very responsive to being pressed which is great.

The tablet was professionally packaged, with many goodies along with it, one of them the anti-fowling glove will keep your hands from getting the surface all greasy, and we love the protective bag that it comes with. This tablet does not come with a stand, wireless, or a work area protection sheet, however, when you consider the price point, it is easy to overlook the fact that you don’t.

Overall, this product is great and for the price, you could not ask for a better tablet.

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