The best Drones

DJI – Mavic Pro Quadcopter Remote Controller

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Our first pick is DJI MAVIC PRO,  it comes with battery, remote, cables, memory card,    “16 GB micro SD card” for recording 4k videos, and high-quality camera.  This magic tool produces gorgeous 4k video, and pictures at 12MP, which is super nice, and the excellent 4k optics bring home the shot and provide impressive result.

The flight options are excellent, from the intelligent modes to the sport mode and even the standard flight mode is a great drone for photographers and videographers, also the camera mode is able to shoot in RAW, and it is very powerful, and very stable indoor and outdoor. The ease of use with this drone is great, it can be flown in tap to fly where you tap in the screen and it flies itself recording along the way with no effort.

More this DJI MAVIC PRO it easily will slide into any backpack and most camera bags, its weighs 1.6 pounds when fully folded, you can take it almost anywhere.

It’s expensive yes but the build quality is fantastic, for the price around 900$ , it truly is worth its weight in gold

It is a solid product, compact, ease of use, and an absolute joy to fly, but requires to know the hardware and software to get the best of it.






DJI Spark, Fly More Combo, Alpine White

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If you have never flown a drone before, the spark is our pick for you, it is extremely easy to use and set up, to get into the air.

You get a bunch of accessories you have to buy anyway with your drone so you save money, it’s very easy to fly and it starts off in beginner mode to make it even easier, and it stays very steady during flight. It’s so small yet contains the functions and features of larger drones, the battery life is about 15 minutes, which is actually great considering the size, and the video quality is fantastic, even it is only 1080p. This drone is very sturdy and the quality of its design seems on point.

This tool is a well engineered piece of technology, it is a very fun drone and works out great if you are either looking to get some great videos and photos or you want to have fun flying or you never had a drone before but dont want to get a cheap toy starter drone, this one will do the trick.

This is a wise investment for sure, Its a bit expensive but you pay for what you get.




DJI Phantom 4 PRO

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The next suggestion is DJI Phantom 4 PRO, It is a great drone for anyone who wants a high-quality, 4K drone with so many smart features.

This thing is absolutely beautiful and worth the money, It comes with everything you could possibly want for one drone,  It shoots such smooth video while moving, the photo and video quality is superb, the radio and video signal strength is amazing.

This drone is easier to fly, more stable, more intelligent, and faster. once you are flying, nothing beats its stability and ease of use. It has a nice distance/range, with Amazing quality and capabilities,

It is very easy to operate even for a beginner and intuitive to fly, sure this drone takes a few minutes to develop some familiarity with the controls, but it has a beginner mode that will help you learn very quickly, and you will be operating without any issue.

The only issue with this drone is the batterie life, It dosen’t last for long in terms of flying time, it is not as portable as the Mavics, and pricey little bit but it is a good worthy investment.

Overall amazing image quality for stills and video, easy to operate, difficult to crash, easy to set up, and a breeze to fly.


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