The best Vlogging Camera

Sony RX100 IV

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If you are looking for awesome camera with high quality, and compact enough to carry in your bag or your coat pocket, SONY RX100IV is our first pick for you, it is Pocket size but it has professional pictures.

This great camera allows you to take pictures in all kinds of light, even at low light and 4K videos, it includes the ability to record in slow motion, it does amazing high ISO shots, shoots Raw and does slow-motion video. This magic device has excellent quality, from several full-auto modes to manual, no touch-screen and all in physical buttons, easy to use with beautiful design, and it is World’s first1 201 MP 1.

The large sensor allows for taking pictures in low-light situations around you without using the flash, and the image quality is stellar with very pleasing color rendition,

Even if your skills are a little above amateur, the camera has enough options to allow some creativity.

This is perfect little camera with all the functionality and control of a DSLR, but it is a bit slower to use than a DSLR in terms of focus, adjustment of settings, and shutter reaction.

It has totally exceeded our expectations.






Sony Alpha a6300

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Our second alternative is sony Alpha a6300, it is high quality camera with great specifications.

This amazing camera feels solid and valuable, it has ton of features and a big menu, it allows you to magnify the focus point while in DMF mode as you would in manual focus and a half-press, the face recognition is fast and accurate, and the on-sensor phase-detect is now available to lenses.

The auto mode is producing such good pictures, the 4K video quality is excellent, also silent shooting which is great feature as well, and it has a dual recording mode it can make 4k and 720p at the same time.

The autofocus is incredible, small, portable, and amazing video quality for the price, but it can not quickly switch from single shot to multiple shot you have to go into menu, also the menus and buttons takes some time to figure out, and the manual is not accessible.

The camera and its kit lens perform just as well as a midrange DSLR, same quality and performance with half the weight.




Canon EOS 80D

The next suggestion is Canon EOS 80D, It is a great camera for vlogging and much more. You will be incredibly impressed with 80d features, first of all is autofocus performance, it is quick and more acurate, and the footage from the 80D is pleasant, and cinematic which is incredible.

It’s extremely comfortable to hold its light, very great for travel, it seems ergonomic even to small hands, and not too heavy. You will be more passionate about shooting.

The new AF feature is outstanding, it is excellent at detecting faces and even in full auto mode it works great, and the dynamic range in photos is really good too. The zoom controller and the mic work great, the touch screen feature is great where you can immediately zoom in and out of the images to see detail of the shots, and the viewfinder is a joy to use.

The camera is very well built, menus are easier to navigate, photos are very sharp, and It performs well even in low light.

Sure it’s more expensive than the entry level DSLRs produced by Canon but you will get extra level of features for the increased cost of this camera.

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