Our favorites Tripod

Vanguard VEO 265AB

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Tripod is a must for every photographer, our first suggestion is this amazing travel tripod Vanguard VEO 265AB, its performance is flawless, the unit folds very compact, it is extremely stable but still folds up small enough to put in a suitcase case, so no problem throwing it in a suitcase or backpack.

Vanguard’s flip locks are faster and easier to deal with, the legs and all the components are nicely machined, ease of leg extension with the lock-clips and smooth movement of panhead, and the head operates very smoothly. This tripod has clever, outstanding design, and sturdy, we had no worries about the security of the camera, many cameras would be no problem with the tripod.

We was impressed with the build quality and how solid it felt.  This is a great compromise from full size and compact.

Our only complaint is the rotating design of the center column, can make the center column feel a little unsteady while raised if the locking knob isn’t tight.

This tripod is amazing and worth the money, and most times cheaper is more expensive if you have to buy again.








Vanguard Alta Pro 2+

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The second alternative is Vanguard Alta pro 2+, it is also great choice, that have many great features.

The ability to move your camera and it’s held secure is great with this tripod, it is sturdy and very stable when the legs are locked into the desirable viewing position, it’s very easy to get the camera positioned exactly where you want it in a quick manner and easy to deploy and take down, everything stays tight when tightened, and very versatile with multiple adjustments.

It’s incredibly light weight but stable, also very useful for taking overhead shot, it is well build and solid, it has perfect design for multiple uses, the legs extend in three segments, and one of the best features is the ease with which the center column can be turned to be parallel with the ground.

It has a great set of legs that will hold your heaviest camera and lens combination, and it is hexagonally shaped which contributes to a firm securing of the column.

If you are hesitant to spend a lot of money you have to know it is something really worth investing in rather than having to replace a cheap tripod down the line.

You can’t find as good and as flexible in usage as this one is for a similar price.






ZOMEI Camera Tripod

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The next pick is ZOMEI Camera Tripod, for everyone looking for a sturdy, well build tripod that you will not be afraid to put your heavy gear on.

This tripod comes in a nice compact carry case, with a nice travel bag, a nice velvet bag to cover the head with, and a shoulder strap too, its materials are all first-rate, with excellent fit and finish.

The light weight and ease of use is indispensable, this tripod is not the lightest tripod out there, but it can folds up small to a compact size, which is great.

The leg locks are quick and simple to use and very secure, the head is solid, well designed and easy to operate, the ball head is smooth and easy to position, and it locks hold it in place even with a large and heavy gears. The legs can easily be positioned several ways, the ball head provides maximum range of motion, it gives you the flexibility of hundreds of different positions, it will rotate 360 degrees for panoramic shots.

The ZOMEI excels at holding cameras in locked positions, it gives you a variety of options such as use as a monopod or inverting the head so you will get the right shoots as expected.

Overall, the construction is great, it is very fluid, very nicely designed, and for the price, you can’t beat this tripod.




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