The best DSLR camera with good price

Nikon D3400

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Our first suggestion is NIKON D3400, we recommend it to anyone looking to buy a camera with a medium-range budget, it comes with an off-label strap, battery, charger and lens cap,

This camera is water resistant and completely waterproof with the included raincover, it is compact and light for a DSLR, comfortable to carry it outdoor, the battery lasts long, and it brings you the same sensor quality as the others DSLR cameras if you don’t care about the focusing speed,

This fantastic entry level DSLR has super fast lens, the focus is good, the pictures qualities are awesome, and using manual mode makes a great difference in the quality, and so much fun to use this camera, also convenient wireless transmission, you can transfer pictures from the camera to your smartphone using the bluetooth connecting app/functionality.

Most DSLR’ cameras are more expensive, but this one cheaper with great quality, you will be able to take high quality photos with minimal effort.

It has everything settling you need to get started and more, you get what you pay for and it is worth it.






Nikon D3300

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Our second suggestion is Nikon D3300, the quality is SUPER nice, the audio from videos is very good, the included lens is good for standard shooting, and the prime lens will give more light and a more refined pictures.

This camera is easy to use, nice, simple DSLR, high quality with auto and manual settings, it has a great built in manual to help show you the setting adjustment options, it is light and feels good in your hand, also perfect for small hands, the controls are easy and intuitive, and great control over all photo parameters.

The camera is a joy to hold, with a comfortable, ergonomic design, it gives great quality video, so that there is no need to buy a separate HD video camera, you don’t have to spend extra money, and the battery life is exceptional.

The camera lightweight, without feeling cheap, it has good comparable features when compared to more powerful, so the camera and the capability is awesome.

This camera takes great, high quality photos with great price.





Canon EOS Rebel T6

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The next optipn is canon EOS Rebel T6, it has everything you need if you are into photography.

This camera is strong, sturdy and well made, it is super easy to use in the automatic modes and can be used in manual mode too, and it is perfect even for beginners.

It came with so much accessories and items to assist you in great photography, all of correct accessories came in excellent condition with warranty and instructions, tripod, different size lenses, memory cards, and filters. The lenses are great, everything in this kit to be high quality, such a great deal for this price point.

This camera is beautiful, ergonomic, and fantastically well priced, it’s very nice and surprisingly lighter, the quality of the pictures is impressive, images are rich, sharp and colors are vivid. It’s fully automatic but you can gradually take creative control of every aspect of your photography, it even had the uv filter to ensure the colors weren’t messed up, and the full auto setting is great.

The only issue is that the stand alone flash is not compatible with this camera, however this set is amazing and the price is hard to beat. Certainly, the camera is not the latest and greatest of course, but great for entry level photography.






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