The best Fujifilm Camera

Fujifilm X-T2

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The fujifilm X-T2 is our first suggestion in our best fijifilm cameras list, it is useful for both professional and amateur work.

It has very sharp lens and the colors are amazing, the picture quality is excellent, very comfortable, it has a perfect size, good performance, and blending an extremely responsive autofocusing system with Fuji’s first-rate color and image processing. The focus system beats out other mirrorless cameras that we tested before “contrast detection autofocus system”.

This device is a bit expensive but really worth it is high quality and you can get all the benefits of the Fuji X system in, but if you are looking for affordable fujifilm camera, go with the X-T20. It is so easy to work with and shoot in full manual and not accidentally messing up a shot, and everything really well and intuitively and you can take 90% of your pictures without need of reading the manual.

Moving to the Fuji X system will greatly reduce the size and weight of your photography device, and this fujifilm camera is small enough to eliminate considerable weight and bulk over.

The main disadvantage is the low autonomy of the batteries and the expensive of the grip, and for people who asked about the difference between DSLR and Fujifilm system, it provide the same image quality and performance as a DSLR in relatively smaller and lighter-weight camera bodies.

This is  the the tool that you need to create photography art anywhere.






Fujifilm X-T20

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The second alternative for people who want to spend little less, for high quality camera, with great features and customizable buttons.

This Fujifilm camera also useful  for amateur and professional in photography, its build quality is nice, it feels solid and sturdy, but not too heavy, the picture quality is amazing,  images look super clean, sharp with awesome colors, and the image stabilization works very well, most of the images are spectacular.

The menu system pretty easy to navigate and logical, touch focusing on a point, touch screen is a nice bonus, and it has manual control dials with perfect amount of resistance.

We recommend to buy this camera with a 18-55 lens because the lens can suit to many different cases, and shoots incredible photos with it.

This is a wonderful compact camera, small, light, easy to use, and well-built that you can take with you everywhere you go without being burdened by heavy gear and enjoy your shoothing.

With this awesome and affordable camera, you get what you pay for and more.




Fujifilm X-Pro2

The next suggestion is Fujifilm X-Pro2, It is fantastic camera with smart features, as usual for Fujifilm.

This camera has excellent build quality, the image quality is stunning, color just amazing, the grain effect is beautiful, AF is fantastic, It is tactile, ergonomics, great weight, and the camera held up very well, everything is right there.

You will feel comfortable enough to keep your eye in the viewfinder and make the changes in autopilot, the viewfinder is very good at everything it sets out to do. This camera is quiet with quick, accurate focus and intuitive functions, it is weather resistance, great low light performance, and with great manual focusing.

The controls are all on the right and so easy to access and intuitive, It is very responsive, it allows choice between optical and electronic viewfinder, jpegs in this camera are amazingly beautiful, and everything works better than expected.

ISO Invariance allows a ton of detail to be pulled out of the shadows when shooting at lower ISOs, but it is great to be able to adjust the shutter speed ISO in one spot, and the auto brightness is almost always either too bright or too dim in the viewfinder, so it is better to leave it set manually.

Overall, this fujifilm camera makes photography fun and engaging.

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