The best wireless headphones

Sony – H900N

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Our first pick on the list of the best headphones is Sony-H900N, for people who want great wireless headphones with noise cancellation.

They are easy to use, very uncomfortable, the touch controls on the right cup are excellent and very responsive, volume can be controlled by swiping your finger up or down on the outside of the right ear, also good built quality and good sound, good connection with the phone, and you can download apps from Google Play store or the Apple App store for free and you can do hands free calling also with these Sony’s.

The noise cancelling is pretty good, but you can still hear sounds come through but this amount of noise that may come through does nothing to change your listening experience, the sound quality is great, and the headset will respond with voice telling you any connection or changes made and changes in the noise cancellation mode.

The noise cancellation is still great for home, office or other areas that you have people talking or minor random noises.

Sure they are pricey, but they are definitely worth the price! amazing experience in connectivity.

Great sound, good fit, active noise cancelling the most things well for the best price.




Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset

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Our second alternative in the list is Jabra Move wireless Stereo, for people who want to spend less.

The build quality is also great, the sound is very good and clear, we are impressed with the sound quality and clarity especially for movies and more especially at very affordable price. The highs and bass are right where they should be, and the volume control works well. They have nice audio voice tells you to connect your bluetooth on your phone, they connect well and stay connected, and the headphones can connect to two devices at the same time, and you can be around 25 feet away from the source.

They pair quickly, they are not expensive, the battery life seems very good, you will hardly need to charge it.

They are not noise-canceling, but we have found they are close enough when we test them, however, the microphone does not work well but they still good override the mic issues.

They feel expensive as if they cost much more than what they are selling for.






Bose QuietComfort 35 -Series II-

The next pick is Bose QuietComfort 35, It has amazing sound, It is crisp, clean and full, the earcups are soft, and comfortable, with one of the best active noise cancelling on the market today.

The Bose controls are intuitive to find and to use, the right earcup has three small buttons, they control volume, pause, skip, and answer or decline calls, and the left earcup has the google assistant button.

It has excellent sound quality for playing music, active noise cancelling is amazing that blocks out all ambient noises, and song playback sounds much better with ANC on high. It optimizes the sound, when you switch the headphones, a voice tells you how much battery you have left, which is great, and the battery life is extremely good.

The Bose is lighter and more comfortable for me, the built-in microphone is great and the noise-cancellation is helpful during calls as well as listening music. The sound is balanced, it has good bass, full range of highs and lows.

Moreover, these headphones can be connected to two devices at a time without confusion.

Overall, build quality, noise cancellation, performance talking to people on the phone, comfort on head, and sound processing, are perfect.

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