The best headphones Under $100

Sony MDR7506

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After testing many affordable headphones, MDR7506 is our first suggestion in this list, they are high quality headphones with reasonable price.

These are great studio headphones, they are very comfortable with the included ear pads, they have large ear cups which is great,

In highs and lows both sound fantastic, they are not bass heavy at all but can produce comfortable solid bass down to quite low frequencies and for normal hearing people, the bass is a plus, you can also use them for many things but they really are made for music.

The noise isolation is mediocre, you can hear little bit people around you depending on the volume, and the cable is extremely long, this can be an issue when you want to use these headphones outside, if you main priority is noise-cancellation, these are not actually designed for it, but they still excellent, studio quality headphones, with a very attractive price, and will last you long time if you don’t abuse them.

These are perfect for people who just love sound and love to listen to music,

If you’re looking for good, accurate, true sounding headphones just go for MDR7506.




Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset

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Our second alternative is Jabra Move wireless Stereo, for people who want to spend less this why they are also present on the list of best headphones under $100.

The build quality is also great, the sound is very good and clear, we are impressed with the sound quality and clarity especially for movies and more especially at very affordable price. The highs and bass are right where they should be, and the volume control works well. They have nice audio voice tells you to connect your bluetooth on your phone, they connect well and stay connected, and the headphones can connect to two devices at the same time, and you can be around 25 feet away from the source.

They pair quickly, they are not expensive, the battery life seems very good, you will hardly need to charge it.

They are not noise-canceling, but we have found they are close enough when we test them, however, the microphone does not work well but they still good override the mic issues.

They feel expensive as if they cost much more than what they are selling for.



Puro Sound Labs BT2200 – KIDS PICK-

The next suggestion is BT2200, They are perfect for kids, they have excellent Sound, great build quality, and excellent noise cancelling.

They are comfortable, solidly constructed, they work flawlessly both wired and wireless, the sound quality is good, with great speakers, and great Bluetooth. They come with a nice, great, sturdy carrying case, which is an added bonus so you can keep them protected.

They are soft and safe on head/ears kids, the quality is good enough for kids, they fit kids heads and small heads perfectly, and they are cool looking too. With these headphones, the sound of the plane cancelled out, the volume is perfect for kids, and never gets too loud for young ears.

They were easy to use, they charged quickly, the battery life is as advertised, and they were very easy to set up. The price may seem a bit high for children’s headphones, but kids health is priceless.

Overall, the sturdy build, reliable wireless performance and comfortable fit make these the best headphones for kids on the market now.

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