The best Wi-Fi router

Netgear (R7000P-100NAS) 

Our first suggestion is Netgear, for people who want a speedy internet, or for larger homes or people looking for the very best WiFi experience, this Router is stunning.

Netgear is able to handle large number of connected devices without slow down, it is a dual-band, three-stream 802.11ac router, it has six Ethernet ports on the router’s switch, it has strong performance when handling a large number of connected devices, with strong signal.

The set up and the installation, is super easy, amazingly fast and powerful router, it has really great software and backup, QOS support, it is super fast for gaming and streaming, it handles all traffic without any problems and supports multiple devices, and the ethernet connections is flawless,

This router has the most processor power, and mobile app for showing all devices connected on all bands with the ability to rename those devices  which is superior.

We tested this router with few downloads, started some steam game updates, and both felt more responsive and able to use the full speed of the internet connection.

It exceeds our expectations, you will have ZERO complaints with it.






Synology RT2600AC

The second alternative is Synology RT2600AC, this router is very fully featured, plenty of customization options.

It has great performance and tons of useful features, one of the best feature is: it support with Google DDNS which is great bonus, speeds are considerably higher, this RT2600AC router nearly maxed out our internet connection from 120 feet away, the streaming quality and consistency have improved immensely, we are able to stream, 4K streams on different devices without any interruption.

The set up is super easy, it can quickly be set up just using the quick set up, it has the best easy interface of any router we have tested, and very easy integration with the NAS also. It will work very well with effortless.

This router is fully customizable from a beginner to the most advanced user, the ease of use, excellent performance, parental controls and overall flexibility make this a perfect router. This router will definitely make a difference at your house.

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