The best NAS

Synology DS218+ 

This DS218+ is our first pick, it has an excellent performance for the price, this NAS can do so much more than what we have planned for it.  Kind of a light weight feel to it,

It offers tons of packages you can install to provide various services to your network, It is extremely easy to configure, setup and use, we can’t say enough about how easy to setup and use it, there were guides and menus along the way to help folks new to setting up a NAS and the Synology boards are very active for research.

What makes it so great is the software, very customizable software, the interface is great, very easy to use and very clean, it has huge library of add-on apps, and upgradable RAM. This NAS is actually capable of fully utilizing 16GB of RAM, and what is also great is Synology has an online forum that is very helpful to get advice, learn tips and tricks, and finally you will enjoy the fact that this NAS comes with a 3 year warranty.

This is a powerful little box that does just about everything you could ever need.

It will absolutely performe as well as you expecte and more.





Synology DS418

The second great alternative is Synology DS418, if you are looking for high quality product  with rich features at a fair price this is for you.

This one has a faster processor so it streams clearly, also software is totally reliable and relatively easy to use, updates are automatic, very easy to install hard drives and manage the drive pool, hardware is high quality, the set up is very easy, we absolutely love how easy it was to migrate the device, simple and intuitive software configuration via Web interface.

It comes with excellent applications, there are tons of available help documents and videos available on the internets if you need them, these Synology units are a rock solid NAS, this device performe fantastically.

Everything feels professional, simple, reliable and Awesome.

The capabilities of this thing far will exceed what you will expect.



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