The best lenses for iPhone

Moment New Telephoto Lens

The first pick is Moment New Telephoto lens, it is made for people who want an easy, lightweight solution to be able to get good pictures, like professional photographers, while avoiding an extra carry-on.

This lens includes a lens, lens cap, and microfiber bag, and the included carrying pouch for the lens is well made, and the lens cap keeps the lens protected. It feels very sturdy, solid and don’t feel cheap.

we was impressed by the heft of the lenses and live up to the praises it gets, we liked the clarity of the zoom. This is a wonderful, light-weight, high quality lens, solid construction, with real glass lenses.

The quality of the lens is first rate, super-well made, super-sharp and beautiful to look at too, it will really make an outstanding impact on your mobile photos. It is ideal

It is a beautiful lens that is well worth the price.


AMIR Phone Camera Lens Clip-On 3 in 1 

The second alternative is Amir phone camera lens, for people who want a budget lens with high quality,

The lens comes in a nice carrying case and a soft cloth to clean the lense which is a nice bonus to carry and keep them as well, you will get 3 clip on lens, which is nice also that this set comes with different types of lenses, and the compact hardsided carrying case is quite a nice touch and could easily fit in your purse or pack.

We tried the 3, all them are well made and have a quality feel to it, super easy to just clip on over your phone and change the lenses, and the price is excellent for the quality.

The lens are made of a light weight but hard plastic, and appear to be durable and sturdy, the macro lens takes very close clear shots, and the other lenses work great also, no blurriness at all, and the image clarity is fantastic.

This high quality set is must and the price point is spot on for awesome.

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