The Best Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder mouse

The first pick is Razer DeathAdder, this mouse is very nice and simplistic, it feels solid and sturdy with sleek desing.

The Deathadder Elite is a great balance of a gaming and production mouse, it has mechanical switches, make the clicking feel amazing, with ergonomics fantastic shape, but it might be to big for people with smaller hands, but it’s great for the majority. The clicks and movements are sharp and predictable, its got a great feel and super quick button clicks, the tracking is extremely smooth and precise, the movement on the screen is smooth also and its so responsive with its 5G sensor.

The middle mouse buttons are easy to use and find intuitively, each mouse button feels good to the press, scrolling is smooth but the clicks are precise and the software allows for excellent customization. The mouse is not overly complicated like a lot of gamer mouse, easy to use, meaning that there is not too many buttons, just four extra buttons and a wheel click, two buttons control the DPI, and the two on your thumb. The button placement, the tactile feel, the responsiveness, and the weight is just great.

The cable for the mouse is long enough, the programmable buttons are useful for gaming, the smaller USB is really nice for laptop play if its on your lap, and the grip is so comfy. its performance in games and normal computer work is very good.

The mouse is great looking, comfortable, high quality, lightweight, and pleasure to use, it is really worth the purchase.


Logitech G502

The second alternative is logitech G502, it has amazing build quality, an amazing sensor and buttons with sleek design.

This mouse has a great, ergonomic feel and is very comfortable to use, and the location of the buttons are ergonomical for any small/medium sized hands. The mouse glides smoothly, and picks up on a variety of surfaces.

This mouse packs a punch of features, one of them is free spinning scroll wheel, like some of the performance mouse, just push a button and you unlock free scroll, also you can change the color of the Logitech Logo and the DPI lighting,

There are 11 programmable buttons which you can customize them. You can also set up the buttons that will apply for all different games you play or you can set up each game with the mouse.

This mouse is powered by the Logitech Gaming Software, in the software you can program the buttons, change profiles, change the lighting and more, generally the software from Logitech is generally amazing for customization, which is very useful for gaming.

It is comparatively heavy, while some will appreciate a heavy mouse, and it might be a let down for some, but if you don’t care about the weight, this mouse is amazing.

This mouse isn’t just good for gaming, its great for productivity also.


Logitech G703

The next option is Logitech G703, this mouse is nice and heavy, it looks great, feels great and is incredibly responsive.

It has great scroll wheel, good battery life, and enough buttons for every gamer, the ergonomics are excellent, it fits perfectly in large hands as well as small hands, and it moves incredibly smooth, no fatigue from everyday use for many hours.

It is extremely high quality build, with lightweight, it is easy to use, and setup, logitech software allows for easy customization of buttons, and this mouse has more programmable buttons, you can comfortably use all of them, moreover the battery life is also impressive, and the charge time is quick.

The look it very appealing, the feel of a wireless mouse and its reponsiveness is superb, the LED is bright and the scroll wheel is well designed and it doesn’t fell cheap at all.

The transition between battery and wired is super easy, the sensor is cutting edge, it feels incredibly smooth, the build quality is great without costing too much.

Overall, this mouse is simply a mouse that works exceptionally well, with smooth operation and great functionality.

Everything about this mouse is superior.

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