The Best Audiophile Headphones


The first suggestion is PSB M4U-1, these headphones are very comfortable to wear even for long periods.

they have neutral bass, mids, and treble do not step on each other but are all very distinct and clear, with extremely well balanced sound, and the responsiveness of the headphones is amazing.

They come with a spare set of soft ear pads and headband, and with their own case which is very convenient. These headphones feel super solid, good build quality, they are a bit heavier but the headphones fold up for travel with detachable cable, which make them portable.

However they are not noise canceling, but they do a good job of isolating which would help you isolate noise effectively in a passive way. We tested with all music categories from Rock to Hip-Hop, EDM to Classical and the level of vocal and instrumental clarity is astounding, with incredible sound reproduction. The amount of detail that these headphones allow you to hear will make you want to re-listen to all your music again.

overall, these headphone have spectacular sound, the bass is deep, and the earphones themselves are comfortable to wear, you won’t be disappointed. While they aren’t going to be as good as a set of headphones that are so expensive, but how you could beat these for sound for under $400-500 with other closed-back headphones, these are still going to be some of the best sounding headphones you can buy.


MrSpeakers AEON Flow

The second alternative is Mrspeakers Aeon Flow, they are the best headphones that you can buy at this price bracket.

They have incredible balanced sound, and high quality performance, the comfort is solid they are extremely comfortable, with lovely resolution and transparency.

When the song is mastered with an emphasis on bass, it will pump the bass in a controlled, and full restrained manner, the bass response is rich, and the mids are as smooth as butter with well recorded tracks.

The fit, finish, weight, sound quality, and frequency response are all very well done, these are smaller, lighter and more ergonomic, they also can easily be removed from your ears and they’ll comfortably ride on your neck, and small enough for travel.

The Aeon sound quality is amazing, however we must add that on some song sound better with the base turn off on the headphone amp.

The Aeons are a tremendous value for the money and comfort is on point. These definitely are one of the best sound we heard under $1000, with very stylish design, high quality and great comfort.



Monolith M565C

The next suggestion is Monolith M565C, for everyone searching for a great headphones without spending too much.

These are very musical set of phones, warm, comfortable, lightweight to wear, and easy to listen to. The sound is warm and well rounded, it seems flat from top to bottom, they have crystal-clear highs, deep bass, and wonderful mids. These are rich, clean, music is crisp, and vocals are clear. We have no complains about the sound, great quality sound without any issue.

They have huge ear pad cuts, the size and shape of the ear as cushions, beautifully well made, which make them even more comfortable.

The headphones sound so good, are incredibly easy to listen to, warm, vibrant, and easy to drive. You can choose to either use them as closed or open-back headphones which is a great feature, and the included carrying case is great bonus with high quality.

Only complaint is the tightness of the clamp from the headband, but for the price point they are beautifully made and designed.

These are the right headphones overall.

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