The Best Bluetooth Tracker

Tile sport

The first choice is Tile sport, this little magic tool worked as expected, it is for everyone spent far too long searching the house for keys, phones or even cat who frequently leaves the house, this product is absolutely outstanding, it seems pretty light, setting up is very easy, when you receive your tile all you have to do is download the app, pair it via Bluetooth and  follow the instructions, it took less than 4 minutes.

This tile is a great system, It works at a greater distance, It lets you find stuff that is more away compared with other trackers, we have tested this product to find missing many components, keys, wallet, computers, and more, it works perfectly and saved so much time, money and stress.

by double click on the Tile, It plays a sound to your phone, through the app when your phone is on silent by turning the volume all up,

This Tile locator is more reliable and faster, the app is intuitive and easy to use always works great, and we are glad the item is in a more accessible price range. Definitely a product to everyone and for everything.

Wonderful product, but it only lasts about 6 months before the ring tone goes out and needs to be replaced.

Overall, this thing is just great for keeping you at peace of mind.


Tile Mate

The second alternative is tile mate, for everyone looking for high quality tile while spending little less.

This product has been extremely reliable for finding items that we constantly misplace, It is easy to activate, it has incredible set up, easy to use, just a few buttons, and the tile easily pairs to your phone, it doesn’t take any effort at all.

We downloaded the app, pushed the button on the tile, and held it close to the lost item,  the app let us know when it was close by and we was able to ring the tile and find it.

This is a really neat device, it uses Bluetooth to connect to the device, so it does have a limited range, meaning you will need to be within a 90 feet or so for it to work, and the phone has to have bluetooth on at all times to stay connected to the tile, but It’s very convenient when the item is simply lost in the house, office… and the device is small and just loud enough that you can ring whatever it is you’re tracking.

This is a handy little item for one helping us find really like how attractive and user friendly the app is, we wish the battery life was longer and indicate how much battery is left on the Tile app.

Overall this is absolutely amazing!

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