The Best VR Headset for Your Phone

Samsung Gear VR

The first option is samsung Gear VR, this thing is just awesome!

It is black, solid quality plastic-body with two head strap adjustments, the VR headset is comfortable, especially around the eyes, and we was also quite pleased with how light the headset is along with it being easy to take off and put back on with no struggle.

The streamlined packaging allows you direct access to the Gear VR headset and the Controller,It may be good to mention this Gear VR headset works only with Samsung.

The video is so clear, and it runs so smooth, it has an astounding number of apps  available, and so many awesome videos to watch.

The controller is great, It is very simple and easy to use and comfortable just make sure your phone is charged before you use it, the picture is perfect and the pixelation is  noticeable. It’s great at the end of the day when you want to watch something on and the house is noisy because It’s easy to shut the noise out and just float away with it.

More the software of this VR headset will launch automatically, however the resolution is a bit on the weak side.

It gives a very convincing experience, and it is a lot of fun to play with. Well worth the money. Amazing value for what you’re getting


The second alternative is MERGE VR/AR Goggles, for people who want to spend less, for high quality, lightweight, comfortable, adjustable headset with duel kinetic buttons.

The headset is easy to get started with and operate. The mask is not heavy, and it’s extremely comfortable to wear, this set is crystal clear focusing and works really well for with iPhone, the controls on the top easily make vision clearer for a wide range of vision, and it has adjustable lenses helps with focus. The headset includes clickable buttons so you can play interactive game, the interactive buttons on top are easy to use, and there is also a slot on the side of the goggles where you can plug headphones into your device.

It is easily adjustable to fit pretty much any head size, even if you have larger head, the adjustable straps allowed me to wear it just fine. The device fits on your head quite comfortably, and it’s not heavy at all, because the foam material keeps it light enough for prolonged use.

And one of the best features, is that even if you wear glasses, you can still fit the mask on your eyes over the glasses and get a perfect fit.

It fits tight without a case,if you drop the Merge your phone is fully protected, and the fact that the lenses can be adjusted independently makes the visual experience much better.

This is an excellent headset, extremely comfortable, with good durable quality.

You will be blown away by the comfort and quality of this headset.

Oculus Go

The next option is Oculus Go, this is great device, everyone should give it a chance, It is high quality, easy to use, and very comfortable.

It has great performance, the response is much much fast, the visual clarity of the 1440p screen is gorgeous, the weight is very well balanced, and the straps are again very soft & elastic as well as comfortable. It has built-in speakers for casual use, the spatial audio feature works very well, and the 360 experiences are astounding.

It runs very nice, the Go is very fast loading, the touch controller tracking is great, there are many great videos, documentaries and surreal experiences out there for free, and lots of useful, awesome apps for some fun features, which makes this VR headset super useful.

This VR is  extremely light and comfortable to wear for long periods even with glasses, and if you have glasses, the Oculus Go comes with an attachment to accommodate wearing your glasses, which is great.

The only issue is about battery lasting, it does not last for long time, but overall, this VR is great value for a high quality product.

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