The best game consoles

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

If you want to play games and buy a console that has a great build quality and a low price, go for PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console,

This ps4 slim has a lot of free demos to download so you do not have to buy games, and a lot of customization options to suit your console to you. The network connection on it is good, games load much faster, and download times are much quicker. The navigating the system is easy and the downloads and overall play is speedie.

This console is intuitive and easy to setup and use. The controller fits nicely all hands shape, It has nice size and plenty of hard drive space, and we like the fact its slim and doesnt open up to put the disk in.

It’s amazing and has a nice, modern, sleek interface, the control are what you would expect and a little more, and the great bonus is that it is  quiet.

If you’re already familiar with Playstation, it won’t be hard to use because this console has many button with so many uses, but if you aren’t a Playstation user, you may have a little difficulty remembering the uses of each button.

Overall excellent console, you should definitely invest in, great deal for the price.

Xbox One S 500GB Console

The second suggestion is Xbox One S 500GB Console, for everyone looking for high quality and affordable console.

The PS4 slim and the XBox One S, they have so similar functions that 99% of what you see and do on these consoles is kind of identical.

The Xbox One S is very nicely defined, It has excelent graphics and high quality built, It came with various promotions and an excellent game, It runs fast and It is considerably smaller. The 4K player is outstanding, we enjoyed that it can play 4k movies, it is great for watching 4K content either netflix or UHD Blu ray and gaming with beautiful resolution and color display. It’s a very good system, the bundle was easy to set up and everything went smoothly.

We definitely liked how this Xbox looks, It looks very slick in white, and the overall shape of it just feels more ergonomic. It’s light and easy to carry around, and It fits perfectly anywhere you put it.

The only issue with this console is the memory size which might be a problem for someone who tends to have more than a few games at a time installed.

It still one of the best amazing and cheap video console, it is a great console to keep you entertained, and everything works great with it, and the price is too good to go for it, which is excellent deal.

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