The Best Cable Modem

NETGEAR CM500 Cable Modem

If you are looking to dump the monthly charge of renting a modem, or simply to get higher performance, go for Netgear CM500 modem, it is currently the best option out there.

There’s only one thing that really matters with a cable modem: does it actually work reliably?

Reliability was the most important thing to us, with no dropped connections, the internet speed was just upgrade, the network never seems to slow or overload even with many devices connected at the same time, also we can say that the interface it uses is definitely very Mac friendly.

It is easily activated it with following only the directions in the box, after attaching this modem to your account, about 5 minutes and we were running. After the internet is active and confirmed you can log on to the website provided on the instructions to set up a wireless name and network key, then you can use wireless devices. Both direct connection and wireless is giving speedy connection.

The NETGEAR administrative webpage is easy to navigate and configure settings such as changing the wireless password.

It’s small and sleek, it provides fast internet and WiFi, the Setup is amazingly easy, and  you no longer need to pay the month equipment rental fee. It’s definitely worth it.


TP-Link TC-7620

With TP-LINK TC-7620, say goodbye to your monthly modem rental.

It is great product and wonderful range, delivers the speed advertised, you will increase your download speed after installing this.

The speed is fast, the setup is super easy and simple, the instructions were easy, and all firmware/config updates have to come directly from the cable provider.

You have to connect your new modem to the internet and to your computer via an ethernet cable, after few minutes you can open a new browser window and you will be directed to your ISP’s device setup page.

It was easy to connect this to our service, no phone call needed, just had to give it a few minutes to warm up before connecting online.

This modem has been rock-solid, it’s really small and looks nice and works amazingly well with our established network, the wireless wi-fi is strong, and it’s provided 24/7 up time with solid connection speeds.

It is so much handier than a separate modem and router, very stable and very reliable, doesn’t heat up and does it’s job extremely well.

While testing it this cable modem worked perfectly without one issue

  We would recommend this to anyone wanting to stop renting a modem/wireless router from their cable provider.

Worth the upgrade! This has been great value for the money especially.

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