The Best Headphones with different budget

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

Our first pick is TH-M40x, the build quality is very solid, very well controlled and balanced and the whole sound stage were impressive, studio quality headphones with many features.

These headphones are closest to perfection, they are very comfortable, you can wear these for long periods of time with no discomfort, and they don’t squeeze your head.They were comfortable over the long period of test

The sound is unbelievable, they have a near perfect low end and the mid bass is very solid and tight sounding, they are not bass heavy at all but can produce comfortable solid bass down to quite low frequencies, the cable design and portability differences as well as the audio specs are perfectly defined.

These are great sounding headphones for many different styles of music, the sound is very clear, almost bright, when listening to music, and also for voice. The high end response is quite clear and as such the vocals of songs have a greater clarity than other headphones. Their frequency response is flat, which is wonderful and will fit on people with big heads.

Also they are perfect headphones/headset for Gaming/Streaming Necessities.

The earcup wouldn’t rotate properly, this is the only thing someone might consider as issue because the M40x’s earcups only rotate 90° instead of 180°.

Overall, beautiful, neutral, very well balanced sound experience, outstanding comfort, with great design.





Our second alternative is OPPO PM-3, for people who want to spend more for these amazing headphones.

These are close to perfection in terms of comfort, quality of construction and design, these have the most natural clarity and detail, without drowning the music with brightness or sound tinny, the sound has zero distortion, and the clarity of sound is spectacular. They have the greatest sounding cans at this price point, and songs sound natural and clean.

They fit comfortably and can be worn for hours without any issue, they have elegant look and high quality feel. The headphones is handsomely designed with black brushed aluminum covering the sides of the ear cups, constructed of high impact plastic. They come in a stylish denim case that makes them easy to travel with since they partially fold, and They are easily powered from any laptop.

We liked the bass response and level of detail in vocals with these headphones, and the quality of the silence is exceptional. However these provide a neutral based sound which some may not like or prefer a warm sound.

Overall, they have perfect balance between bass, vocals, and more with high build quality.


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