The Best Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65t

The first pick is Jabra Elite 65t, we have been testing them in a variety of situations: biking, working out, running, on a plane, in the car, and they was just outstanding, they sound great, and wonderful even for phone calls, the fit is perfect, don’t fall out while exercising, these earbuds block out sound, they have a tight fit allows for great sound isolation and the hear-through feature is awesome. However some outside noise during calls can leak into the call.

The left and right bud have never lost sync with eachother, sound is above-average with decent bass, these earbuds really crank out the bass, but the mid and upper range are clear and crisp.

They came in great condition, setup was very intuitive and quick, easy to connect and use, the included charging case is awesome, and the Jabra sound+ app to control all the settings is simple and useful as well.

They are comfortable enough that you can go for 2-3 hours with these buds inserted in your ears without being aware of the buds in your ears,

The earbuds have NEVER lost their connection with the phone the sound quality is simply superb and clear, volume controls are intuitive, they stay charged, and have excellent musical quality, and the wireless can connect to multiple device.

They are the best option available right now for truly wireless earbuds.

BeatsX Wireless

The second alternative is BeatsX Wirelessespecially for apple users.

The noise cancellation works great, It doesn’t disappear totally but it is actually reduced by 95 percent.

They are so light weight and the sound quality is good, excellent build quality, and doesn’t feel cheap like some of the budget Bluetooth,  they’re really comfortable, they fit wonderfully, haven’t been a problem while doing lots workouts as well as running.

The power switch being on the right side and the remote control unit being on left side not intuitive at all which is an issue, but they have some unique features you really can’t find anywhere, and you need the on line guide to learn them.

The mids are clear and the highs are crisp, sound is good, for talking its perfect, but for Music, It’s just good, and you should know that these would only sync with your apple products.

We liked how much they are balanced, absolutely tiny and non obtrusive, you’ll forget that they’re around your neck, and we also liked the fact its rubbery soft, and  the auto pair feature that works with newer iPhones/iPads.

The battery goes for about 6 hours for us, Bluetooth connectivity is excellent, pairing is easy, and transferring it between devices also.

They sound fantastic, and they are worth full price.

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